Factors Affecting Lipid Content In Beer Brewed By Beer Equipment

Factors Affecting Lipid Content in Beer Brewed by Beer Equipment

 Factors Affecting Lipid Content in Beer Brewed by Beer Equipment. Lipids are the main source of beer flavor

1, ethyl acetate. When the beer in the ethyl acetate content is low, the hops and mellow strong, the overall fragrance is not coordinated. Control its concentration between 15mg / kg-25mg / kg, the most pure beer flavor.
2, isoamyl acetate. When the content of isoamyl acetate is low, beer mellow strong; high, the ester flavor and solvent flavor enhancement.
In general, when the concentration of isoamyl acetate is controlled at 1 mg / kg to 2 mg / kg, the quality of the beer is the best.
3, ethyl caproate. When the content of ethylhexanoate is low, the hops are relatively rich, the wine is not soft enough; high, the wine is too strong, hops to reduce the fragrance close to the liquor. In general, to control the concentration of ethyl caproate in 0.1mg / kg-0.25mg / kg, at this time, the best beer flavor.
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